Thanksgiving for One

  Today I spent Thanksgiving alone. Now, hold on a minute…  Before you start getting all “what a pity!” on me, rest assured that’s exactly what I wanted this year, and what I’ve been looking forward to all week. When I was younger and my grandparents were still alive, we of course we had the


Perfectly Wrapped

  Back when I was a kid, my mom and I always wrapped Christmas presents together. Johnny Mathis was one of her favorite singers, so more often than not this was the album we listened to while we wrapped. Ever since my mom passed away, one of my Christmas rituals has been to wrap gifts


Rekindling an Old Love

    Ever since I was little, even before I could read, I’ve been in love with books.  There’s something about them that has always said “home” to me – the feel of the pages, that particular musty papery smell, that comforting “whoopf” as you let the covers fall closed. The characters and storylines that

Wild violets

The Color Purple

I look forward to spring for a number of reasons, one of which is mowing my lawn. This year’s weekend spring rains have put me a bit behind schedule for getting the mower out, but it certainly hasn’t stopped the yard from growing one bit – everything was going gangbusters, and starting to look much


The first day of … everything.

    This morning I hopped out of bed, full of energy and ready to tackle the day.  While I’m generally an early riser, having any kind of energetic thoughts before several cups of coffee is truly a bit foreign.  But there’s something about the first day of spring that always re-energizes me — the

dying daisies

The Un(in)tended Garden

  Ahh, my garden full of daisies… When I moved in I had such high hopes for it. It started out quite well – a whole big flowerbed bursting with them, blooming fuller than I ever could have hoped for. But about a year in, there was this one patch that was struggling… Thinning out.


This fall I’ve retired my rake.

I have a big yard with lots of mature trees, bordered by woods.  When I tell you that I have leaves in the fall, I mean I have LEAVES.  Tons of them.  About a foot deep. Last fall (my first year here) I was the gung-ho new homeowner and went out and raked them all

Weeds are in the eye of the beholder

Weeds are in the eye of the beholder

Last year I bought a house with a huge, beautiful yard. Quite honestly it’s probably way too big for a single working parent to sanely tackle on her own, but I’ve never been known for my sanity and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I work in the professional green


Dancing with an armful of daisies…

Back when I started writing Picking Daisies in Purgatory my life actually felt like purgatory — it seemed like everything in my life had stagnated, and I was just waiting around in some kind of holding pattern for something to happen.  So I figured while I was waiting I might as well entertain myself (and hopefully