The first day of … everything.



This morning I hopped out of bed, full of energy and ready to tackle the day.  While I’m generally an early riser, having any kind of energetic thoughts before several cups of coffee is truly a bit foreign.  But there’s something about the first day of spring that always re-energizes me — the idea of Mother Nature shaking off the cold sleepiness of winter and tackling new beginnings. It makes me want to tackle some of my own.  Perhaps as a spring baby myself I have a natural affinity for the idea of rebirth this time of year.  Whatever the case, I’m excited.

Much like the seasons, my life seems to follow a cyclical pattern of energy, or lack thereof.  After a couple of years of exciting change and great productivity, I slowed down and eventually went into a hibernation of sorts.  I started to drift away from doing the things that I loved. I didn’t start new projects or push too hard to finish existing ones.  I stopped planning new adventures out in the wide world. I found myself instead spending far too much time sitting on the couch watching TV and eating Taco Bell.  My life was becoming a journey that I didn’t actively plan for myself, but was instead just letting happen to me.  It no longer brought me joy.

So taking a page out of Mother Nature’s playbook, I decided to make some changes.  As the colder days of fall set in, I started to kill off some of the things in my life that had gotten a bit overgrown.  I spent the winter getting some good sleep, contemplating my place in the universe, and planning what I wanted next.  And as the warmer weather and longer daylight hours returned, so did my energy and enthusiasm. I’m cooking more, eating better, and looking forward to the colorful bounty of the local farmer’s market when it opens soon.  I’m starting to get back into my yoga routine, and the Short Person In Residence and I are taking our evening walks around the neighborhood again.  I’m cleaning, rearranging and painting the bejesus out of the house, finally getting it back on track.  I’m exploring museums, planning vacations and getting together with friends more often. With recent changes in the office, I’m even excited about my job again.  Hell, after two years I’m even writing a little bit! Like a flush of new growth, the pieces of my life are all reinvigorated and pushing forth anew.

Perhaps our lives really do follow “seasons” and a personal winter now and then is exactly what we need to set the stage to get things growing again.  I’m glad winter’s over.  Let the spring begin!

Colleen Clifford

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