My ears runneth over

The teachers tell me that at school my son hardly ever speaks.  I swear they are talking to the wrong mom. Either that, or he just saves it all up for me, because at home he never stops talking.  He launches into a running monologue from the moment I pick him up after school until

Flying over the boardwalk

A Tale of Two Beaches

  Yesterday marked the last hurrah at the Jersey Shore for our family.  The kiddo and I made our way down in the late morning to meet my dad and his wife who had driven in the night before.  It ended up being cold and rainy (not the best weather for a shore-bound day), but


The Value of Everything

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.   No truer words have ever been spoken.  Especially if you have a 5 year old in your house. My son is a collector.  Not baseball cards, or action figures.  Just stuff.  All kinds of stuff.  Stuff you or I would probably dismiss as trash.  He finds it


Will you know when the game changes?

  Picture this: It’s a gorgeous summer evening and you’re out playing hide-and-seek with the other neighborhood kids.   Early in the game you find the PERFECT hiding spot behind old Mrs. McPherson’s shed. You keep yourself perfectly concealed and quiet, happily checking out the bugs under an old brick for amusement and confident that

Dijkwandeling Leonie blaast 885 (klein)

Make a wish. (Or two.)

  When my son and I take walks we look for dandelion heads to “blow wishes.” While we were out the other day I picked mine and asked, “should I wish for something I really-really-really want, or something I’m pretty sure I can get?” And then it occurred to me that I should pick two


Rockin’ it out

This morning I had the most incredible experience. After breakfast my son and I cleared the table, I turned on some punk rock (even at 5 the little one is a huge fan of the Replacements and the Ramones), turned up the volume to sufficiently disturb the neighbors, and we danced. And I mean we


Treat your employees like children

Children are not imbeciles. They’re incredibly smart—perhaps moreso than we give them credit for. They have a vast capacity to absorb information, but starting out they lack the knowledge and skills they need to successfully negotiate their way through. Employees start out like that, too. As a parent it’s my job to teach my child.


Obey the rules, or obey the muse?

In all my years as a professional creative, probably the most influential teacher has been my son. (If you’ve been following along here, you already know that. If not, check out the  “little lessons” category at the top of the page.)      He’s been helping me rediscover all the cool stuff we instinctively know


The stupid little guy behind the tree

‘Tis the Christmas season, which means time for many of us to honor longstanding cultural traditions:  decorating the Christmas tree, putting up lights in the freezing cold, awaking to presents on the morning of the 25th, and gorging ourselves on turkey and stuffing with our extended family (even if we can’t stand to be around