Rockin’ it out

This morning I had the most incredible experience.

After breakfast my son and I cleared the table, I turned on some punk rock (even at 5 the little one is a huge fan of the Replacements and the Ramones), turned up the volume to sufficiently disturb the neighbors, and we danced.

And I mean we really danced.  We completely cut loose. We jammed all over the kitchen and the living room, taking turns with a play broom as an air guitar.  We jumped in the air and wiggled side to side, being serious rock gods one minute and laughing ourselves silly the next.

And it felt good.  Noit felt AMAZING!

And then it occurred to me that I really don’t dance enough.  That, despite having such a completely joyful experience that’s completely free and at my disposal at any given moment, I just don’t. But why?

Because just like you, I’m a little afraid. I’m afraid that I don’t dance well. I’m afraid that people will laugh or judge. I’m afraid of putting myself out there.

Nobody cares if you don’t dance well. Just get up and dance.  ~ Dave Barry

He’s right, you know.  Nobody else really cares. (They’re probably too worried about what people will think of them to pay much attention to me.)  If nothing else, I owe it to myself for the health benefits alone—it’s good for the body as well as the soul.

So today I hereby give me (and you) the permission to crank up the music and go ahead and dance. In the living room. At the wedding reception. Down the aisle in Target if we want to. Is someone watching? Ask them to join in. Is someone laughing? Good for them —they just got a health boost as well.

Why let a little silly fear rob us of our joy?  It just feels too good not to indulge in it more often.  So go ahead.  Give yourself over to the music.

Go ahead and dance.  My kid and I will be right there with ya.

(Here’s a sampling of our playlist to get you started.)

Colleen Clifford

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