Will you know when the game changes?


Picture this: It’s a gorgeous summer evening and you’re out playing hide-and-seek with the other neighborhood kids.

Early in the game you find the PERFECT hiding spot behind old Mrs. McPherson’s shed. You keep yourself perfectly concealed and quiet, happily checking out the bugs under an old brick for amusement and confident that you are the master of the game.

…except the other kids stopped looking for you half an hour ago.

 While you were back there basking in the glories of your superior hide-and-seek skills, everyone else decided to play freeze tag instead. Now all sweaty and happy and thoroughly worn out, they’ve gone back to Bobby’s house for ice cream. You’re sitting in the shadows with the bugs.

 What if you had poked your head out from behind the shed once in a while? Sure, you might have given away your position — but you would have also noticed when the game changed. You probably would have had more fun. You could be eating ice cream right now.

Playing expertly by the rules won’t help you much if the game changes.

When’s the last time you poked your head out from behind Mrs. McPherson’s shed?

Colleen Clifford

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