A cheap pen full of possibilities


Writing is an amazing thing. It’s such a simple act with so many possibilities, yet so few people take advantage of it. As a creative outlet it’s the closest thing to perfect I can find.

The possibilities are practically endless. Poetry or prose; fiction or real life. You can write something serious or something funny; something long or short. Write to friends and family, living or dead. Write for strangers. Write to yourself.  Write from your own perspective, or someone else’s.  Stick with one style or try them all. There’s no barrier to entry.

There’s no expensive equipment to buy. There are fancy pens and paper to be had if you want them, but remember that old Bic in the junk drawer? That and the back of an envelope will work just fine. Settle for a golf pencil and an old old pizza box if you have to.

It’s one of those few hobbies that you can take with you anywhere. Stick a pen and a notebook in your pocket and you’re good to go whenever the mood strikes. You can write at your office desk or in the coffee shop with a latte. On the front porch, at the kitchen table, or from your comfy living room couch. Commuter train. Empire State Building. The depths of the wilderness.  Anywhere.

With so many options and opportunities at your disposal, my question is this:  What’s stopping you?

Go ahead. Write something.

The only thing you have to lose is a little bit of ink.  You can take it anywhere — see where it takes you.

Colleen Clifford

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