Just a person with a pen


I find that I write best in public.

Preferably in the park on a warm summer’s day, but the back patio will do in a pinch. On rainy or cold days a bookstore or coffee shop will do.

There’s something about the anonymity of public spaces that makes it easier for me to get past the self-consciousness of writing. I become just some person with a pen, not Colleen struggling over words in my living room.

Maybe it’s the simple act of removing myself from the things that I can too easily distract myself with — television, the laundry, sorting through that big pile of papers on the kitchen table. Maybe it’s the psychological stranding of myself that does it. I’m sitting here with a pen in my hand — either I can write and look purposeful, or I can sit here staring at a bunch of strangers. Right, let’s get to it then.


Who knows.


What I do know is that it works, or at least it does for me. I think everyone needs a creative space (physical or mental) where we can do our best work.  A place where we can lose ourselves in the creative process.


I’ve found mine. Where is yours?


Colleen Clifford

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