Silly fears

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Fear can be a good thing –it’s a hardwired survival instinct that keeps us safe. It’s what kept our ancestors from getting eaten by bears so that our species could survive long enough to enjoy HDTV.  But bears, marauding pirates and other real threats to our wellbeing notwithstanding, fear mostly gets in our way. It keeps us from doing good stuff.

Exploring your creativity can be scary, especially for those who are a bit rusty — it forces you beyond your normal comfort zone. Being creative often requires that you put yourself out there in a vulnerable and non-conformist way.  It’s putting focus on how you are different from others, rather than the same. It’s putting a part of what is uniquely you out there for other people to potentially laugh at.

Fear is the first stumbling block you need to get past to really expand your creativity, so let’s start by getting over it.  And how exactly do you do that, you ask?  Here’s the secret:

Do something silly.  On purpose.

With fear, the best way past it is through it.  Confront your fears of social judgment by purposely flying in the face of convention. Start small and build your way up. Put on a silly hat and walk around the mall. Dance your way through Target.  Wear a clown nose grocery shopping.  The more you do it, the less uncomfortable you will feel. Trust me on this.

Now go ahead and commit your first silly act. I’ll wait…………….

Did you experience the rush of fear?  Of course you did.  And did the bear eat you? Of course he didn’t.

Colleen Clifford

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