Keep moving


A few weeks ago I wrenched my back, and the pain became so excruciating that I could barely walk. I went to the chiropractor and he gave me some advice that seemed almost insane at the time — keep moving.

He said to rest when the pain was severe, but to get up as often and move around as much as I could. Walk, bend, whatever I could manage. Don’t push too hard, but keep going. He promised that the more I kept at it, the easier it would become. He warned that if I stayed still too long I would stiffen up; it would be harder to get moving again and it would take longer to heal.

He was right.

The more I moved around, the easier it became.  The pain lessened. Today, except for a little twinge now and then, I’m pretty much back to normal life.  I worked through and past the pain.

I’m thinking his advice might be good not just for backs, but for life in general.  We all get hurt, and feel that we’ll never get past it; we’ll never be “normal” again.  We want to curl in a ball with our pain and stay right where we are. Surrender. Give up. It’s too hard. It hurts too much.

But we need to keep moving. Maybe just a little at first, working through as much as we can manage. Don’t push too hard, but keep going.  The more we keep at it, the easier it will become. If we stay still too long we’ll stiffen up; it will be harder to get going again and it will take longer to heal.

Work through it and past it.  Keep moving.

Colleen Clifford

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